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 Why invest in Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular every day. You heard about it on the radio, you saw it on television and you finally decided to buy some Bitcoins. The question that you may be asking yourself now is, “What can I do with Bitcoins”? Well, you have a few options. You can buy things online and offline, just like you can with any other currency. Many virtual and physical stores are now accepting Bitcoins and more pop up every day.


You can save it in your Bitcoin wallet for safe keeping or a rainy day. Bitcoin is great for saving because there are no banks involved. You are you own bank, banker and customer. However, there is a third option, you can invest it. Bitcoin is a currency and you can invest it as such. Think about it, when you have spare money in the bank, what is the best thing to do with it to make it grow. Invest it! Bitcoin is no different. Bitcoin has open markets where thousands of Bitcoins are bought and sold every day.


All you have to do is invest. The problem is markets can be tricky and difficult at times to learn and to make money. Also, because Bitcoin is global, the markets never close. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and monitoring your investments constantly can be difficult and tiresome. This is where  Investment Firm comes in; we manage your Bitcoin investments for you, so you don’t have to. We know the markets, we know Bitcoins and best of all we have the experience. Take a minute to look what we have to offer and allow us to show you why  investment Firm is the best firm to manage your Bitcoin investment.



Knowledge and Experience investment Firm first entered the Bitcoin market in August 2014. At the time, the price for one Bitcoin was around $10 and there was a very small group of people who knew about it and its potential. It was not in the media and most investors that found out about it thought it would disappear. No one thought that an anonymous crypto-currency with no government or banks backing it could ever catch on. Not  Investment Firm, we believed in Bitcoin back then and we still believe in it today.


Our team consists of highly qualified investors, using the most advanced tools, making the best Bitcoin investments possible. From day one  Investment Firm has only been interested in the best. Our market data and trading tools are updated by the second to keep up with any and all possible trades in the market. This allows us to make excellent, if not perfect predictions about market trends and swings. On top of this, we require all our employees to have extensive training in different financial atmospheres.


This keeps us prepared for any possible situation that may arise and have the ability to find the best and most efficient solution. Every employee at  Investment Firm must have the ability to work under pressure and be able to find creative solutions to difficult problems. Because of our drive to be the best and our tenacity in difficult situations, we have come to be who we are today: A successful and profitable investment firm, pioneering the way Bitcoins are being invested. 



High Returns, Low Fees  investment Firm has developed an Bitcoin investment strategy that has been proven to provide the highest returns for our investors while keeping our fees relatively low. How our strategy works is when you invest with us your investment is added into a pool of Bitcoins from other investors with similar investment goals as you. We take that pool and trade it on open markets until the goal of each investor is met.

When that goal is met or the investment limit reached, we divide the pool back into parts and give the Bitcoins, plus the returns, back to the investors. How we keep our fees low is by treating our fees as an investor. Our fees have a flat rate that we convert into a negative Bitcoin amount and add to the pool. This way we can invest without worrying about fees because they have been already accounted for.

This is great for our investors because, the more people there are in the pool the lower our fee is. That allows the Bitcoins to be invested longer and more profits for our investors to be made. Also, one of the best things about us is that you never see the fees. Because we add the fees to the Bitcoin pool, we give you the returns with the fees already deducted. So when we say you will make a return of 300%, we mean 300%. Not 300% minus our fees. We find this is the best way to keep our clients happy and keeps them coming back. Not to mention you make more money because of it.


Invest Today


With Bitcoin’s popularity and price increasing daily. There is no better time than the present to start investing. Our clients that invested with us a year ago have seen great returns and continue coming back. When you use the best investment firm, with highly qualified investors, using the most advanced tools, you only get one thing: The best Bitcoin investment options you’ll find anywhere. Click below to get investing today and let  investment Firm help you reach your financial goals.


Latest 50 Bitcoin Payouts

Date Total Payouts Hash
24/05/17 91.972 BTC af53b5a04086f30e508f6e446e733bac2396fb377a23af5813adbda827bdaba1
23/05/17 33.511 BTC 4a149642832a85d977d6a8a5108c7c1b01074ddc1cf8d03fde4242bbd7228a2f
22/05/17 87.106 BTC c3cfd70e6791dcb7dfbdc4b2362ddbb96bd4d4a2013bb29ce52568bd914cc588
21/05/17 73.654 BTC b185f153b8973955bc6159eb85d79be6ac0831135085ed5cde5fd06ac99cc132
20/05/17 107.896 BTC 9148383ec8605febd2bb8541e529264e50189b58ef79f235176c128bf6f2dd48
19/05/17 39.566 BTC 3a0f7cfbff851390131b29030ced3a994799eb8146d08d37957dc26450ef74ac
18/05/17 100.386 BTC 43864a414f261ddd266c855c0c6c753f6fab879116e890ea2787de00e97a08c8
17/05/17 86.020 BTC d76d049f78ca6a0a15563e6d7b5c3d06a3597509904972639c0caa789d8811a7
16/05/17 62.888 BTC de0c5169b5f8c99db532751060787b2649ee9612f958c97151ba8e4bebfcd130
15/05/17 33.130 BTC f3c39adf1a2fda0f63d6996a4625afe1e2391a735599158d23fa243e47be06e4
14/05/17 25.260 BTC d52284f9cc440d99cdf764011a07b9d9593d2c083116791b6fb7080137479077
13/05/17 30.452 BTC 9451eb0893348b5af472e9526b38175cb944fb0d6190b2692dc140561a5484df
12/05/17 57.515 BTC 559865adb9bbed44659b465840a14cde99d1203e021321396ace89ab44b19da7
11/05/17 87.597 BTC 847139e1f99c4835307264bdf9c18aa6947bd1f7cbd5938a43256768447a06bd
10/05/17 90.171 BTC ce02e9e268fcd833001e48aa220b6eb3fcbbfa0190659f05ac0dc4001a0f7468
09/05/17 70.350 BTC ef692e27943652cc6ab2620bcc42e8ebd333ffe8d38cb54b393df56cc2e576dc
08/05/17 46.675 BTC 035bea903a44dddda9725425bb39f1dd999d3e7e5ffe339090e5315b1785efaa
07/05/17 115.067 BTC 36660c77e4590739b796313625e303b8d5b7229fb3fcc7305a627747d9c6832c
06/05/17 81.577 BTC 73bb48bca779386541713cb72695c0f92c39d660717e5f69aa8303971be2a113
05/05/17 175.409 BTC f5097f7935ec4748bf46811251949d5cd1d5964a86b88f89f43af823efd2ac9e
04/05/17 56.070 BTC a68a78ea434bee48c61db368dd50703725e3b6b1b26187fe1f0fdde0ab1d4d26
03/05/17 68.119 BTC 592e397666b0efcea62e265f0c2f7df433f8c7bcd20b7a981eb6d2132028cc24
02/05/17 114.030 BTC 4915be0599ac322225d540d1584ee1b43993846080cd5f0d372200a0739aa2db
01/05/17 50.526 BTC 336abe5a3adea3ef1d91cf36229bb8fa394b0151e88a46bbacffb50a28ad828c
30/04/17 85.235 BTC 749959a0f1395c1f5c581b32511e1fa92c182b2d2df436e753f1b52ac4981a84
29/04/17 75.119 BTC 74062214ec039697adef0ba9a74d09e61859a7b108f65b206337768069be1999
28/04/17 130.555 BTC 6849ed3ed89ffd4555a7fb58a841080d761360a013889cfb8c7f4510d9965641
27/04/17 62.558 BTC 4503aea30ecf158d4a22305ab0f98e0878e3848c08e7aeb1cc9f92291a4f6141
26/04/17 70.324 BTC 2570054b984750c7328ab1f75e66b458683569a347fef2a044d7b45e0ec690ce
25/04/17 47.886 BTC beec425b230116a7603c7b7dc5da77f37f8af3d612e84664895fd7f3962da99b
24/04/17 38.134 BTC e0ce09b5dce471dc98d1e9f35492689e1472c4882f6340a1576c071fc8a017c6
23/04/17 42.779 BTC 3538ea713661c2beafbf7c33cfab0135ef693ec13a10b6a1b5a57fbea72707b4
22/04/17 51.173 BTC eb8da54baff69236f8995eb0231fc2136e5f89e67bb5dfda6e631588ec3b2c34
21/04/17 38.346 BTC 2834caba1ca99b2bbc1eb58a33acab51e63f0f489f9575b9d8b42960de8ea031
20/04/17 42.539 BTC 56d4669aa54798a4c5c248983307a2cc315e6ae1a2a3b07e3fc38c1e3e0806f0
19/04/17 91.122 BTC e0fc60128d5bc9e137c09183be4f5ae141388a013894331cc75d699b876b8f3c
18/04/17 48.034 BTC 8729f9f57ad5338d35bf1e635c7e798bea8a689c6389ed7362a3783c89f437da
17/04/17 52.630 BTC de73ca194ffdf15add3528ce2a59c25f37a18996a9b9646858a6a064346d172c
16/04/17 77.824 BTC eac2ba06c9ca2a94d9550bb84160ccaf422818bcc2a248fdda084c6e99780a27
15/04/17 36.562 BTC eb4d74fafe54fd2d748348b6982bcc2fa621ab755f0b6867a2ceba895a50a7b3
14/04/17 47.814 BTC 1f1400f5f67e56d3390136cb793407638e579135679055690dae81fa2e971ffc
13/04/17 75.091 BTC 39adb5368c1a247b6d1b5249f88ce78cb213f732e39f897be23c599d84f2f19b
12/04/17 49.223 BTC b193712ecd56bbf4798d1954f5399a649c0c58b4be73c1487c5fb3ed585606f0
11/04/17 116.015 BTC 3d236854eb9df610d71fb7a535817031e02806c983ae0000c014935519278b4a
10/04/17 56.212 BTC e1410564ec7b9fd3285e89af952b20b164bdf469e636964d7bb5f2d2e4d51449
09/04/17 91.922 BTC 2a14035cf3d064c4e3e04deb625e4030a8ef4120178b5a48e4c80118e6da1b23
08/04/17 68.847 BTC 4a4fdd4534de6cc5a1ef1bf408f629aa88dc72d92e8a124f6844aa100ad4c245